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Matthew T. Perry

I'm a Software Engineer building databases, web services and distributed systems for geospatial data. My primary tools are Python, Rust, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgresql and AWS. In my spare time, I experiment with open source geospatial applications, programming languages and applied statistics.

I'm passionate about software design, robust systems, and the fundamental idea that information can lead to better decisions and better outcomes for our world. I accomplish this by:

  • Building and improving core open source spatial libraries and applications.
  • Synthesizing knowledge from the GIS, Software, IT, Statistics and Data Science communities.
  • Applying that technology to working systems with a focus on long-term reliabilty, scaling and cost-effectiveness.
  • Scaling my skills through teaching, writing and mentoring.

Hopefully the resources on help you realize the potential of your data, integrate it with other datasets and tools that can provide new insights, and to communicate those insights via the web.

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. When I'm not computering or hanging out with my family, you'll find me on the trails with tires, shoes or skis beneath my feat.