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Matthew T. Perry

About me

I'm Matthew T. Perry and I write software for geospatial data analysis.

I work for Mapbox, building technology to help you build great maps.

My mission

Facilitate better decisions through custom GIS, data analysis and software solutions by:

This site features technical articles that ease the technology hurdles in this game. Hopefully these resources will help you realize the potential of your data, to integrate it with other datasets and tools that can provide new insights, and to communicate those insights via the web.


I currently live in St George's, Grenada, the small island nation in the West Indies. Along for the ride are my lovely wife and 2 yr old son. My former sports of choice (mountain biking and backcountry skiing) don't really apply here in the Caribbean! Instead my passion has shifted to exploring the jungle roads on my cross bike, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling around our coral reefs. I'm big on cooking improvisational meals (most of which are edible), reading non-fiction, and an all around passion for amateur science, fitness and technology hacking.