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Current Projects

My day job at Mapbox involves

For my recent personal projects, check out my Github profile.

Past Projects

Open Source

I've contributed to GDAL, MapWindow, Starspan, OpenLayers, QGIS, GRASS and numerous open source geospatial projects begining in 2003. My original blog and script reprositories have helped many get started with open source geo. Projects that I lead and maintain include:

  • harvestscheduler
  • growth-yield-batch
  • pyimpute
  • rasterstats
  • madrona
  • python-mbtiles
  • leaflet-simple-csv

Data Visualization

My recent work has explored the use of D3.js for buidling interactive user experiences that go beyond the map and allow deep exploration of the underlying data.

  • OpenPayments
  • Agro-ecological zone viewer
  • Climate Explorer

Decision Support Systems

  • Our Florida Reefs
  • Marine Map
  • Forest Planner
  • Aquatic Priorities Tool
  • Floodplain Restoration


  • Scipy Presentation
  • Foss4G
  • Science
  • BLM

Data Analyses

  • BLM Climate
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Discrete optimization
  • Growth Yield Batch
  • Harvest Scheduler
  • Climate Impacts
  • Machine Learning for supervised classification